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Please stop calling Weekend “The Gay Before Sunrise”

Weekend is one of my favorite films of the year. It is a powerful film with brilliant performances. The film follows two men as they hang out over a weekend and slowly fall for each other. Weekend has consistently been compared to Before Sunrise for multiple reasons. Both films follow the beginning of a relationship over a short period of time (a day or two). The two characters that fall for each other are very different people that result in amazing conversations. Both films involve a lot of talking. Entire scenes are devoted to conversations between these two characters. I understand where the comparisons come from, but in my opinion this comparison undermines the story Weekend tells. Continue reading at IndiesUnchained!


Indies Unchained!

The Academy announced this years Oscar nominations this morning. Below is the list of nominees and some of my random thoughts.

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Pariah Review

Pariah is a film IndiesUnchained has really been looking forward to, and for good reason. It’s not every day we get a film with an all black cast made by a black woman. Let alone a film that also chooses to tackle LGBTQ issues. This is definitely a film that could only be made independently (after all, it took George Lucas decades to get a film with an all black cast and director made… GEORGE LUCAS!). So, was Pariah everything we hoped for? Find out at IndiesUnchained!

The Hollywood-ization of the British Film Industry

Does this logo look familiar? You’ve probably seen it in front of countless films by British auteurs like Ken Loach, Andrea Arnold, Steve McQueen, Danny Boyle, Mike Leigh, Lynne Ramsay and many others. You may not know this, but the British government finances Independent films. Wait… what? That’s right. The UK Film Council finances challenging, socially aware art. They green lit these films this year: Shame, Weekend, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Attack the Block, Tyrannosaur, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Kill List, and others. Pretty amazing right?  Oh, sorry. I forgot to mention the government recently disbanded the UK Film Council.

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End of the Year Lists (2011): Fifteen Favorite Films

I had a lot of trouble deciding whether to make this list right now or wait. There’s still a few films I’m really looking forward to but haven’t been released in Boston yet, or I just simply missed them (We Need to Talk About Kevin, A Seperation, Kill List, Margaret, Rampart). Ultimately I decided I didn’t want to release my favorite films of 2011 sometime in February, but if I see these films in the next month or two and they change this list I plan on submitting an updated list. Anyways, 2011 was kind of a strange year. There were some really great films, but I didn’t fall head over heels for most of them. There was usually some small aspect of the film holding me back. There were also a few films a lot of people loved but I found disappointing (I’m looking at you Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Artist). That said, this list is very subjective and truly reflects how I felt about the year in film.

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I’m falling in love with Ricky Rubio.

If you have been paying attention to this blog you’d probably have no idea that I love sports, especially basketball. I’ve played point guard my entire life and love when some one comes a long that makes a whole team better simply by passing the ball. In high school I was obsessed with Steve Nash. During study breaks I’d sit on the computer watching his highlights, trying to learn as much as I possibly could. He had incredible court vision and made passes no one else would ever consider. Lately I’ve loved what Rajon Rondo does with the Celtics. If it wasn’t for Chris Paul, he’d be the best point guard in the NBA (Sorry folks, Derrick Rose is not a point guard. Russell Westbrook is not a point guard. These players are scoring machines that are so talented they have to try and play point guard the best interest of their teams). A few years ago my excitement was through the roof because of this video:

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Getting an abortion = life in prison?

If Florida Republican, Charles Van Zant had his way, beginning this year a new Florida bill would make getting an abortion a felony with a maximum penalty of life in prison. What!? Think Progress reports:

Declaring that “the Legislature acknowledges that all persons are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that first among these is their right to life,” the Florida for Life Act would essentially (and unconstitutionally) make it a felony to perform an abortion except when a physician meets very specific circumstances.

A termination of pregnancy may not be performed unless:

(a) Two physicians certify in writing to the fact that, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, the termination of pregnancy is necessary to prevent the death of the patient;

(b) Two physicians certify in writing to the fact that, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, the termination of pregnancy is necessary because to continue the pregnancy would unreasonably reduce the likelihood of successful treatment of a life-threatening disease of the patient; or

(c) A physician certifies in writing that a medical emergency existed and another physician was not available for consultation prior to the time necessary to perform the termination of pregnancy. The physician’s written certification must clearly describe the medical emergency.

The measure also mandates that doctors provide certain women and minors who have been treated by the facility with information regarding adoption and a statewide list of attorneys available to provide volunteer legal services for adoption.” If physicians fail to meet these stipulations or provide abortion services in any other case including rape or incest, they would face maximum penalty of life in prison.

First Florida requires welfare recipients to pass a drug test in order to receive benefits they need to survive. They claim these people  should stop having so many kids, but now they want to prevent these same people from having the choice to to end an unwanted pregnancy while also trying to get rid of contraceptives. Hmm… doesn’t that sound like a vicious cycle?