My Cinematic Evolution

If you know me you know I love Darren Aronofsky’s, Requiem for a Dream, and have a weakness for anything that references it. Today I saw this awesome video on It’s Requiem for a Dream in 60 seconds with puppets. It’s pretty incredible. In my opinion, the insanely condescended version of the film reveals the images and sounds we remember are so powerful that applying them to puppets affects me more than a lot of Hollywood films. This 60 second video inspired me to discuss my cinematic evolution and why Requiem for a Dream drastically affected who I am now. Read the rest at Indies Unchained!


About Sean Temple

Filmmaker, Progressive, Feminist, Emerson MFA Student, Director of HUNT. I use film to critique our society and reveal the struggles real people deal with every day. View all posts by Sean Temple

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