The Academy of One: My Oscar Nominees and Winners

I’ve complained a lot about this years nominees. There were a lot of snubs, and reasons to be upset, but it’s an exciting time for a lot of people. I’ve heard many film people say, “The Oscars are my Super Bowl.” Really? As a sports fan and a movie fan I don’t understand the comparison in any way. Mostly because I don’t think the Oscars are really that relevant. The best films and most deserving films don’t get nominated, let a lone win. A more appropriate sports analogy would be, “The Oscars are my minor league world series.” There are exceptions, the 2008 Oscars (2007 films) had an amazing selection that included modern American classics like No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood, but this is rare. Instead of complaining about this years batch of nominees (which I will do again next year and the year after, I am human) I will reveal the films I would have nominated for most categories and my winners. Continue reading at IndiesUnchained!


About Sean Temple

Filmmaker, Progressive, Feminist, Emerson MFA Student, Director of HUNT. I use film to critique our society and reveal the struggles real people deal with every day. View all posts by Sean Temple

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