Guide to Free Advance Film Screenings

Have you ever wanted to see a movie… for free… weeks… even months before they come out? I’m sure you’re answer is a resounding, “Yes!” I moved to Boston (my first big city) last summer and realized studios do free advanced screenings ALL the time. Recently, 21 Jump Street has had at least 6 advance screenings over the past 2 months. And guess what… these screenings aren’t just for film journalists or professionals. They’re pretty easy to get into. For example, since I moved to Boston I have seen Attack the Block, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 50/50, Martha Marcy May Marlene (with director Q and A), Drive, Moneyball, Like Crazy (director Q and A), The Descendants, The Artist (with director Q and A), The Ides of March, Our Idiot Brother, Young Adult, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal, Silent House, 21 Jump St, and probably some more… In this blog I’ll introduce you to how I get into these free movies (if you big in a city that is). Find out how at IndiesUnchained!


About Sean Temple

Filmmaker, Progressive, Feminist, Emerson MFA Student, Director of HUNT. I use film to critique our society and reveal the struggles real people deal with every day. View all posts by Sean Temple

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