Why We Need to Acknowledge Racism in Society and Film

I know this is a film blog, but I also know the members of IndiesUnchained are incredibly passionate about social issues. If you haven’t heard about Trayvon Martin’s murder you can google it for more information, but essentially: George Zimmerman followed a young African American male into his gated community. Zimmerman thought he was suspicious and called the cops. He told the cops he was going to keep following him and the cops told him not to. Shortly after, Zimmerman confronted Trayon and shot and killed him. It turned out all he had was a bag of skittles. Earlier today I heard a quote about the case I couldn’t ignore. Fox’s Geraldo Rivera said, “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as Goerge Zimmerman.”  This quote blew my mind. Let me make this clear, Trayvon Martin was not shot because he wore a hoodie. Continue reading at IndiesUnchained!


About Sean Temple

Filmmaker, Progressive, Feminist, Emerson MFA Student, Director of HUNT. I use film to critique our society and reveal the struggles real people deal with every day. View all posts by Sean Temple

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