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Indies Unchained!

Yesterday I found out The Exorcist was being remade. Yawn. Typical Hollywood… no originality, blah, lazy, blah, blah. But then I read, “Into a 10 hour mini series.” Interesting… Obviously, who ever makes this is going to have to do something different, but still, The Exorcist is considered one of the scariest films of all time. What’s the point? It’s probably just going to be produced by Michael Bay (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) or something… Oh, Sean Durkin, the first time director of last years brilliant and unnerving Martha Marcy May Marlene is writing and possibly directing this? And he wants to spend the extra time concentrating on Reagan’s family life before and after the possession (stuff the film could only hint at)? Ok, now I’m intrigued.

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Indies Unchained!

I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. Dan Harmon, the show-runner behind Community, has been fired. Is this really that shocking? No. The show has been seconds from being cancelled almost the entire time it’s been on the air. If this had happened two weeks ago, or if the show had just been cancelled it might be easier to handle, but here’s what makes this so hard. Community is an underdog, and its’ fans have expelled a tremendous amount of energy trying to save the show. Just one week ago we believed we accomplished the impossible. The show was miraculously renewed for a 4th season, something no one expected a few months ago. And then the 3-episode finale aired, and it was amazing- emotional and funny. It was obvious Dan Harmon and company wrote a series finale because they didn’t they think they were going…

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Indies Unchained!

Have you heard the story behind Kenneth Lonergan’s film, Margaret? Because it’s kind of crazy. Lonergan finished filming years ago, but he had a lot of trouble getting the perfect cut. Multiple filmmakers tried to help him finish the film, including Martin Scorsese. The longer Lonergan took, the more people began giving up on the film. The original producers, the people standing up for him more than anyone else, actually died during post-production. He actually went to court over the film.

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Indies Unchained!

Good news folks! Last night Community was renewed! Did I honestly think this was going to happen? Not when I wrote this article asking, “Have you learned nothing from Arrested Development?” But lately most people thought the show was going to get renewed, but that didn’t diminish my excitement when I heard the amazing news minutes before the show aired last night. Now the interesting part of NBC’s announcement… the 4th season of community will only be 13 episodes. Hmm… initially I was a little upset. I’m selfish, and I want as much Community as possible, but I realized this is a good thing. It allows Dan Harmon and company to really buckle down and concentrate on making 13 great episodes. I honestly can’t even imagine trying to write 20-22 episodes of any kind of television. I think NBC’s choice is definitely a blessing, and I can’t wait to see…

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Indies Unchained!

It’s been about a month since Lena Dunham’s Girls premiered on HBO. Before the premiere there was a lot of hype and when the show finally premiered there was backlash. Actually,  a ton of backlash.

I personally love Girls. I think it’s absolutely hysterical. The interplay between characters is great, and the awkward sex scenes are really brilliant. We’ve spent our whole lives being lied to about sex by Hollywood. Honest, raw depictions of sex is incredibly refreshing and really important. I’ve wanted to write about this show for the last month, especially since the intense backlash following the premiere, but decided I didn’t want to judge the show solely on it’s premiere. And I’m glad I waited because I think it gotten better with every episode. Girls is actually probably my favorite show on television right now (until Breaking Bad‘s final season blows up the universe). In…

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Indies Unchained!

A couple days ago Fox Searchlight released the trailer for Beasts of the Southern Wild. This is easily one of my most anticipated films of the year, but I have to be honest… and it kills me to say this. I did not love the trailer. I haven’t seen the film, but based on what I’ve heard about it, it appears Fox Searchlight tried to make the film appear a little more mainstream and sentimental. Which is honestly a good decision on their part. It’ll make more people go see the film. I’m just spoiled and love the art of trailers. Another thing to keep in mind. It seems like people who have seen the film (like our own Christina) love this trailer. It allows them to relive the magic they felt when they watched the film. But if you felt a little underwhelmed by this trailer, I highly…

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Indies Unchained!

Christina is right. It’s very hard to talk about Cabin in the Woods with people who haven’t seen it. This is because we’re dying to talk about what happens in this movie. I don’t think most people are interested because the marketing wasn’t that well done. Last week I told my brother (a giant horror film fan), “YOU HAVE TO SEE CABIN IN THE WOODS!!!” His reply, “Really? That looks so LAME.” Let’s get this out of the way. The Cabin in the Woods is not lame. It’s the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in a long time (well until I see the Avengers this weekend).

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