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Indies Unchained!

Prometheus was my most anticipated blockbuster of the year. It had a very visceral trailer and an amazing viral campaign, which included this fake robot ad. Maybe I just love Michael Fassbender, but this stuff gave me a lot of hope. I thought Prometheus was going to be an intelligent, thought-provoking, hard science fiction film in the same vein as Alien or Moon. In reality, Prometheus is kind of a mess. It feels like someone threw a bunch of ideas at a wall and made whatever stuck. Does it want to be a generic horror film? A big summer blockbuster? An art film that asks “big philosophical” questions? A trilogy? An Alien Prequel? Does it even matter? The studio behind the film obviously knew how to market it… There are a lot of things that really frustrated me about Prometheus, including: the never-ending contradictions, plot holes, one-dimensional characters, etc…

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Indies Unchained!

Matrix jokes aside, this looks incredible. Apparently Keanu Reeves is directing a film, and it looks like his time working on The Matrix trilogy is a huge inspiration for him. He wanted to pull off the camera tricks he’s seen in a lot of blockbusters, but without relying on CGI to stitch what are normally impossible camera moves between takes together. Bot and Dolly came to him with this amazing device.

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Indies Unchained!

I know this is a film blog, but I couldn’t help myself. Fiona Apple’s new album comes out in one week, and you can preview the whole album at NPR! In case you forgot, I finally started listening to her a few months ago and I really love her, but I should still relate this to film some how, right? Well, lets talk about the music video for Fiona’s new single, “Every Single Night.”

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Indies Unchained!

This guy was cast by Woody Allen. Awesome. No one knows how significant his role be, but I hope he’s the lead. You may not know this but I love Louis CK. He is currently the funniest person in the world. He stars, writes, directs, and edits my favorite show on television, Louie, while producing a hour long comedy special of new material every year.

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Indies Unchained!

About a month ago I went to one of my local independent theaters dying to see the Dardenne Brothers’ new film, The Kid with a Bike. They are incredible filmmakers and they really inspire me, but more on this in a future post. When I got to the theater, The Kid with a Bike was experiencing technical difficulties and I had to choose another film. Everything had already started but Turn Me On Dammit! I knew the film dealt with the sexuality of a 15-year-old girl (something that definitely turned a lot of older people off to the film) and it won Best Screenplay at the Tribeca Film Festival. I enjoyed the film, but something felt a little off. And then I realized Turn Me On Dammit should have been a short film, not a feature film.

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