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Indies Unchained!

You can’t judge a film before the credits roll. Andrea Arnold’s brilliant and emotionally devastating adaptation of Wuthering Heights is the most recent film to hit me over the head with this knowledge. As I noticed fellow viewers get up and leave I couldn’t help but think about all the people who walk out of films without giving them a chance to reveal their characters or themes. When the lights went black and I sat alone, utterly devastated, I couldn’t stop thinking about the people who walked out of Wuthering Heights after 15 or 30 minutes and missed the most powerful film of the year.

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Indies Unchained!

Jesus.” That word basically fell out of my mouth when Paul Thomas Anderson cut from black to reveal the first shot of his brilliant film, The Master. Since this is PTA you might have expected some intricate 3 minute tracking shot, but it was just the ocean, and it was beautiful. I have never seen that shade of blue in a film before. It was immediately clear shooting 65mm was a brilliant decision. More importantly, that shot, followed by the dizzying first 15 minutes of The Master revealed Paul Thomas Anderson was working on a different level than most American filmmakers.

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Indies Unchained!

Can Looper be disliked? As I walked out of the theater I don’t think I heard a single negative word uttered by anyone. And let me tell you, the theater was not full cinephiles. There were a lot of people throwing out words and phrases like badass, insane, fuckingawesome, mind-blowing. Everyone I’ve talked to at least liked the film, and most loved it. But why did everyone love it? Why does Looper work so well?

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