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Indies Unchained!

What is The Silver Linings Playbook? Is it great? Or just good?  Is it the film that proves Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best actresses of her generation? Reminds us Robert Deniro is possibly the best actor of any generation? Reveals Bradley Cooper is actually good (with a talented filmmaker I guess)?  Does it prove David O. Russell is one of the best filmmakers working today? That he’s gone soft? Or that he’s smooching with the Hollywood elite until we can make evocative, personal films again? Is it the feel good film of the year? A real crowd pleaser? Is it a cute romantic comedy? The 2012 version of Jerry Maguire? Is it a dark comedy? The funniest film of the year? Is it Oscar bait? Exploits mental illness for laughs and awards? 

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LISTEN: I HOPE YOU VOTE TODAY. I’m very progressive, and incredibly disappointed in Barack Obama’s first term as President of the United States. I’ve come to realize someone who fights for the working class and working poor will never become President. I think it’s easy to become apathetic and choose not to vote, but even if someone you believe in would never become President, Mitt Romney may become President today. Continue reading